Services & Facility

At Revery Equine, we pride ourselves on offering the very best care we can. We feed top quality Purina feeds, free choice, high quality prairie grass hay, and for those that require it, delicious Kansas grown alfalfa.

Each horse gets a feed and supplement plan tailored to them by Tiffany. Horses are fed grain two times a day, and for those who need a little extra–lunch can be offered. All horses are offered free choice hay, unless otherwise indicated by their health needs. Water buckets are dumped and cleaned daily. Horses are provided a heated water bucket in the colder months, and a high velocity fan when it’s hot.

Stalls are cleaned daily and fresh pine shavings are added as necessary. Each horse will get at least four hours of turnout a day, individually. During the warmer months, weather permitting, we also offer night turnout.

We do offer a few pasture board spots. Pasture board horses live in small groups, with run in sheds. Paddocks are kept tidy, and tank heaters are provided in winter. Personalities and pecking orders are monitored to be sure everyone is happy and healthy.

Grooms are onsite 7 a.m until 5 p.m. daily. Either an onsite groom or Tiffany will do night check every night where horses are checked and hay and water are topped off.

We also offer rehabilitation for horses recovering from surgery or injury. We will work closely with our veterinarians to ensure your horse recuperates and recovers so they get back to doing what you love!

Tiffany over sees all aspects of the horses care, and schedules routine as well as non routine veterinary appointments. Pine Ridge Equine Hospital offers great care for our horses, and Dr. White has been our veterinarian since the beginning. All horses are kept on a farrier schedule.

We moved into our brand new facility in late April of 2021. Our spacious barn has 21 12×12 stalls, as well as 4 18×12 stalls for our larger equine friends. We have 3 indoor wash racks with hot water, a large client tack room, a restroom complete with shower, and a lounge. Our large outdoor arena is 160’x220’, and our covered arena measures 80’x180, giving us the ability to ride no matter the weather! Plenty of room to take your horses out for a relaxing walk is available. We invite you to tour our facility or check back soon for pictures!

Price sheet


Stall $800 (12×12)
$875 big stall (18×12)
Pasture board $450

*pasture boarders must be able to share paddocks

All horses in work will be required to pay for a training package of $360 per month per horse. This fee covers up to eight lessons and/or rides a month. For horses deemed medically unable to work for a period of time longer than one week, charges will be modified on a case by case basis.

Show Services

Full care multi-day show $65 per showing day
Full care multi-day show $50 per non-showing day
Day care multi-day show $40 per day
Day care schooling show $30 per day
Schooling $45 per day/per horse
Trainer Rides per class $50 plus entries
Trainer/Groom expenses actual divided by horse
Fee for filling out entries $10 per horse
tipping grooms at shows is expected

Lessons (Boarders)

Group Lesson $45
Private-half hour $55
Training ride $45
Monthly full training $560
(includes all rides & lessons)

Lessons (non-boarding)

Group Lesson $55
Private-half hour $60
Training ride $55


Local Hauling* $55 (within 30 miles of farm)
Out of town $1.15 per mile
($1.50 per mile for 1 horse)

Miscellaneous Fees

Body Clip $180
Trace Clip $90
Mane Pull $20
Trim $15
Leg Wrapping $15
Lunge $20
Unbraid $25
Bathing $25
Tack/Untack $15
Bring horse inside $10

There will be a $5 fee applied to farrier bills covered by the barn


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